This is the latest poem that I wrote for my girlfriend, but just thought I’d share ti with the internet, because why not!


The right foot fits the shoe,
That is what we’re told.
With so many feet and just one pair of shoes,
How can there be just one fit?
Probability and logic tells us this is not so
As I can stuff my feet into a size 9
Or have them rattling around in larger shoes.

But they are right.

No one can walk in too small shoes.

There is only one right foot that I could find in my glass slipper,
Your cute pedicured toes finding their way in
And fitting without a snag.
My shoe was made for you,
Sculptured for every silk-like curve
That exists as your self.

When you wear my slipper
It, as glass does, disappears:
Hidden, but definitely there,
There is no doubt,
As everyone can see the glow upon our faces.

If you were to put your hand in your pocket,
You would feel mine there.
An invisible glove squeezing your lovely fingers,
Massaging your gentle wrists.

There is no need to cry,
For you or for me.
Our metal carriage will be there,
To bring you to the ball.


One thought on “Cinderella

  1. This poem is very nice but, what makes it amazing is that you wrote it for your girlfriend. Continue writing for her. It’s a sweet thing to do 🙂

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