Our Mind, our Body


If we look into our glass reflections

We see a blackhead, a spot,

Grabbing some chin-fat

Pulling and squeezing our face till it’s red.

Our outer shell is not us,

Just what people think we are.


Are our bodies just reflections

Of what we have accomplished so far?

If a man has a scar,

Does that mean he has fought a war,

Or had a kitchen accident?


Are we not who we are inside?

The captain of thought in the cockpit of our brain.

Plato would say we have two halves.

Our mind and our body,

But if they are separate why would they affect one another?

If I don’t eat then I’m hungry

If I don’t sleep then I’m tired,

If I don’t do either then I’m grumpy!

Then again,

If I am feeling low

Then my body is often to blame,

But that is not to say

Exercise can’t make me feel good,


We all love endorphines.

Yes, you might say,

Our reflections aren’t us,

But we cannot escape our mind and our body,

As what would we be if we did?


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