I Know My Greatest Fear

I know my greatest fear,

When I sleep my nightmares tell me:

How I walk in darkness, with tears upon my face,

I’m alone,

You are not there,

It is just me.


The dark that surrounds me in these dreams is nothing

Compared to the swallowing black that exists

In my emotional turmoil.

I am lost

Without you.


It is in my waking moment

Where the fear is the greatest,

I have no separation of the real

And the dream.


Where are you?

Are you with me,

Or am I still alone?


My reality is lost in that long time,

My soul has mislaid its form,

But when I realise the dream is just a dream,

I smile, I cry,

You are always there with me.


19 thoughts on “I Know My Greatest Fear

  1. A friend of mine had a toddler daughter who would always wake up crying – and cried her heart out as she wandered through the house to find mom…because mom had been there when she fell asleep and now mom was Gone. It was ironic how the kid knew exactly the first place to find mom – look in the art studio!
    While giving her daughter time to get over crying, the mom got her daughter to remember a time when everything turned out O.K., despite getting upset about it before the daughter knew something was really wrong. In a few moments, no tears. It was such a compassionate reassurance.
    I was thankful to watch that mom was smart enough to take the daughter in her arms and give her time to feel without denying the validity of the fears.
    So – this poem has the same charm – it shows me that you’re being a compassionate parent to yourself – rather bittersweetly.

  2. Very cool, I could almost remember ‘feeling’ some of those same questions and statements you make in this one.
    Thanks for checking out my newest (and weirdest yet) poem inspired by Jim Morrison’s An American Prayer!

  3. Word… I like the happy ending. Reminds me of when I dreamt my mom got stabbed to death and woke up and thought it was real. Almost cried when I realized it was a dream.

  4. Loved it. Especially the last stanza. Dreams (especially bad dreams) exacerbate our worst fear. Ofen, dreams invade our reality. When you write about it- you can then put it away- great work!

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