The brief and wondrous life of Oscar W…ahey that’s quite a book you have there!

To start off with, what a novel. Secondly what a man. I get the impression Junot Díaz is a best friend to the world, and the more I look at his youtube interviews and hear his radio interviews i realise this author is someone that I really ought to admire, and I do! 4.95/5 (because just about nothing can be perfect)


A quick overview:

Neglected “ghetto nerd” is a social reject and wants to fit in, but he does not fit in with the typical macho personas of the people of the Dominican Republic.

A quick analysis:

The book shows that it is ok to be different, a common theme but done in a very clever and an unforgettable way, about a culture that is not necessarily talked about. Definitely worth a read if you fancy learning about a different history and culture in 352 pages, and a good one to put on your Christmas list, if you don’t already have it!

See how humble he is:


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