Becoming Man

A moustache:

A sign for men to show how much

Man one has

On his top lip.

It is a statement of who we are

As men,

Boys no more.

We have left the ship of puberty

And now are fully formed,

We have our responsibilities

To hold and not to scorn.

We inhale our sense of power,

Our strength seethes in our lungs.

We are the breadwinner, the father, the husband;

No longer just the son.

(A quick note: this is not meant to be some wild aim to enforce patriarchy, it is more to celebrate the manly persona)


16 thoughts on “Becoming Man

  1. I thought your poem was for Movember. It’s a great charity event started in Australia to support men’s health. Aussie men grows moustaches in November—hence Movember.
    I hope you use your poem to spread the word in 2013.

  2. I like the poem. When I read the line “We have left the ship of puberty,” I conjured up an image of “boys” leaving the “mother ship” to go steer their own boats, which is where the rest of your poem goes, just in different words. Love the imagery! And thanks for stopping by The Unboxed Life.

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