My Collarbone


We sit here,

As your head rests on my collarbone.

Not living in a world with wars and pain,

No, not us.

We live where we are,

In peace

With you resting on my collarbone.

We are on our own plane,

Seeing each other

Not escaping this world outside

It is just where we happen to be.

By the fireside,

That is where we are

With the way I look at you from

My still wrinkled eyes.

With you, mi amor, still looking

As young as the day I first saw you in Eddington tower.

You may have grey hairs to match mine,

You may have wrinkled lids as I do,

But no matter of age or time could change

Just how beautiful,

Or wonderful

You truly are my love.

Just as your hand fits in mine now,

It will remain a perfect fit.

A ring on your tender finger still as shiny as the day I gave it to you.

In the same way in which we have our lives


We will be looking back upon those that are yet to come,

Yet to make us smile!

We could be waiting for our children’s children

To walk round the corner,

(What handsome children they will be)

No longer will we be the generation to save the world

As we are there to live in it.

As long as I have your hand in mine,

And mine in yours

Then we are as young as we are now.


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