For You


I want you to seek this poem

When your spirits are low,

When you can’t find me to kiss or hold or pamper.

Allow your mind to bring me to you.


My cheek as I rest it

Against yours,

You can hear me breathe as my nose

Brushes your ear.


The faint smell of my scent,

My sweat,

My soft brown hair.

Let your mind bring me to you.


My mouth as my last cupcake

Pleasures your tongue just as it did mine,

Savour my lips as we hold them together.


My eyes and my look.

For this,

Close your eyes Ana, I will be there holding your gaze.


To the soft murmurs of my voice.

I love you Ana and always will.


I am there.

My fingers are running across your scalp

And my lips are pressing on your cheek.


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