Stretching your imagination with ‘The Gargoyle’



4.5/5 – I got this book a couple of Christmases ago and was amazed. The research done by Andrew Davidson to create this novel is phenomenal! The book involves monasteries from hundreds of years ago, a burns Intensive Care Unit, and a wild eccentric of a woman who it is very hard not to fall in love with. A book that I didn’t know how it was going to end, and really didn’t want it to!

Quick Overview

A playboy, porn star, drug addict drives off a cliff and is rescued. The story continues from here as he is then put in Intensive care only to reminisce about the life that he did have, when a young woman walks through the door and helps him through his trauma having never seen her before. She believes that they knew each other in a previous life, and the setting for an alternative love story is created!

Quick Analysis

Very relatable and believable characters, and a great read overall. I wasn’t too convinced when looking at the cover, but as soon as I had read the first few pages I was hooked. I look forward to hearing other people’s views!


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