Our Bitter Failures

What a soft and sour sweet

That disappointment is,

It hangs there

– in the middle of your chest –

And there it will stay.

It is the culmination of

All our delusions.

Our tainted vision

As the lens that is our ego is shattered

And all that is left is the acrid, pungent bitterness.

The flavour of being wrong,

You are undermined,

And soft.

There is no resistance now.

Who are you to judge yourself

When you know your mirror is clouded?

Where has your confidence gone now?

You fool.

But it is not a time to hesitate

With your full weight resting on the top rope.

This is the top of the hill and your rock is yet to fall.

The exact point at which you need to rub your eyes again:

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You are still standing,

You can still fight.

You can still breathe life

And energy

Into your actions.

What has happened is the past

Now  you are in the moment of the now,

All that is, is the heartbeat of the clock.

Fight, fight, breathe, tick, beat, breathe, fight.

Each new moment is a new opportunity to win,

And win we must,

As no taste

Will never be the end of me,



5 thoughts on “Our Bitter Failures

  1. There’s SO much power in the words we speak and the message we spread! I totally admire that you are sending out a message of hope! Keep up the the great words of encouragement!

    Thanks also for visiting and liking my blog, much appreciated!

    Keep rising above the flames of life. Yeah!

    Many blessings : )

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