Take a different stance with ‘Slaughterhouse 5’



3.5/5 A nice short book unlike anything I have read before. It involves one of the many major tragedies of WWII – the bombing of Dresden, and was released during the Vietnam War. It reflected a lot of the anxieties surrounding the reasons why they were sending their son, and brothers and husbands half way round the world to get killed.

Quick Overview

The book follows the story of Billy Pilgrim, a young man who became unstuck in time. The novel tends to transcend fantasy and sci-fi, as his story is so endearing and such a wonderful escapism. 

Quick Analysis

A great anti-war book. It was very brave of Vonnegut to publish it when he did, as many people had loved ones who were fighting in the war, but the statement he made is an unforgettable one. He also takes it into his hands to address the vulnerability of men, and how they never really grow up. A very likable novel, and very well constructed.


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