Life’s Desert

What happens when we get lost in the desert of life?

Our souls trapped between intolerable heat

And insufferable sand.

What happens when our skin is burnt

And our lips chapped by time, fatigue

And the choices we have made?

When there is nothing but a sea of sand

In any direction.

Any step forward

Is a step to nothing.

And yet if we stand still,

We sink.

We have to step.

There will come a time

When we will have drunk our last gulp

From the cup of life,

And we will find

That it’s a shallow one.



What can we do but throw it away?

There is no oasis to replenish ourselves,

The heat will tell us that,

All we can do is sink.

Sink, or step.


9 thoughts on “Life’s Desert

  1. Love what you have written here. I have been writing a lot about the need to pause! Interesting! I guess sinking is what happens when you are afraid to move. Pausing happens when you make a choice to stop and reflect. I love the two differences.

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