Get inspired with ‘The Power of One’


4/5  This book is a true coming of age story in South Africa. Whilst boxing has a strong presence in the novel (as the child ont he front suggests) it si only a sub-story. Prison life, racism and self-belief are all key factors that makes this book so great. I guess I can really relate to this story as the book covers a boy from a young age up until he left school, and as I am now at university you can see the similarities (although my time at school wasn’t any where near as bad!)

I haven’t seen the movie, but as with most film adaptations I’ve been told the book is much better. Definitely one to make your own mind up on though!


5 thoughts on “Get inspired with ‘The Power of One’

  1. This was the first Bryce Courtenay novel that I read. And, for me, perhaps the most memorable one. Mr Courtenay sadly passed away last month. He was 79. A fascinating man and a wonderful author.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is such a fantastic book, so much wisdom. I have forgotten most but now, you’ve awakened the need to read it again. The film is good, but not as good as the book- you’re right.

  3. Fantastic book – reminds me of South Africa and I can relate to the locations and ideas as I am originally from South Africa, a generation that saw the changing of the guard, so as to say! This book is a true gem and the movie does it absolutely no justice. Bryce Courtenay really makes you want to keep reading, you will not want to put the book down.
    Glad to see you posted about it – well done 🙂

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