Our Great Pasts

We suffer our great pasts,

Each time we stumble and fall

It is branded through our wrinkles

In our eyes,

Across our foreheads.


But it is in between our temples,

Our soft membranes

Make sure we repeatedly burn.


How many times must we suffer

The same tragedies

Relive the same faults and mistakes.


But we must trip no more:

As is the past not made up

Of tiny instances of the now,

Of the present moment?


We may still wish for time travel,

To go back,

But what better way to change what we have done

By doing it now?

As what do we have

If it is not the present moment?


3 thoughts on “Our Great Pasts

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Gave me the opportunity to check out yours. It’s really nice. Keep it going. I will be a regular visitor. Have a peace-filled Christmas and happy holidays. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this wonderful piece. The part about reliving our past really stood out to me. In fact we live in a state of insanity at times. If you do figure out the secret to time travel, let me know. I have a few places I need to go!

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