Substance of Man

What is man’s substance, you say?

Well he’s made of clay,

And bone,

And flesh.



Flesh, what is this meat

That holds only blood

And no soul?


If it is just sinew,

Then where do tears come from?

What place does emotion take?


What place does thought have in an

Emotional machine?

What cruel humour

Nature has in giving man an ego.


But nature has no laughter,

That is only for Man,

And it is his burden

Just as it is his gift.




19 thoughts on “Substance of Man

  1. Awesome poetry, dude. Thanks for the likes on my posts. You are now being followed. 🙂 And, I’d like to link this to a post on my blog’s FB page, if that’s okay. It really hits home with one of my latest posts.

  2. Wonderfully expressed with deep questions. You have a great writing style and from what I’ve read so far, your poetry is very accessible.

  3. This poem captures the essence of what appears to me as the never ending battle to let go of the ego led mind and the constant striving – (I have wrongly chosen ego led words) I want to just exist as is and finally arrive at the richness of wisdom – that’s why you wrote this wonderful poem.

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