It is an important time

When I – the son,

Teaches him – the father:

For he is just as frail as you.

At this time I have no support on any side:

Just weightlessness,

Just air.


How was I to see if we both

Are blind?

Before you were my lifeline

My anchor and support.

The silence,

As I realised your flaws were level with mine,

As I found us both – human.


But soon I gained sight

And I see myself a man,

Just as you are too

Of course you have flaws,

Of course you are human.

And as I see myself,

In that shiny glass

You are there too,

Both of us men,

Side by side,

Just in different skin.


14 thoughts on “Father/Son

  1. it is something when we finally reach that level that comes with… what? maturity, experience, age? when we see our parents are simply ‘human’ just like us. humbling… beautiful write!

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