My first short film: ‘Beer and Nuts’

This is my first attempt at a short film. I wanted to have a go at directing before I left university as it often is the best time to try your hand at new skills! I know it might not be to everyone’s tastes and there is room for improvement, but that’s what a first attempt is. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “My first short film: ‘Beer and Nuts’

  1. I must say – the roomie in black – good actor! And I absolutely loved the britishness of the setting – it’s so comforting to see flower patterns and puffy arm-chairs 🙂 for a first go – nice idea of a friendship!

  2. I’m not sure if I like this because it’s brittish and it has that great brittish aura or because I’ve been in the exact same situation where my room mate “Tim” couldn’t / wouldn’t pay the rent. And we didn’t have a TV. And we proceeded to drink beer after that to mellow the spirits.

    Awesome job, when will we see more films from you? I also love your poetry very much, followed.

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