Admire ‘The Great Gatsby’



In short, this a story of love and money. The Great Gatsby is a novel famous for the prelude of grand parties and the wild lifestyle of the nouveau riche. But this is as far as I want to go with the plot as I rally don’t want to take any risks with spoiling it for any future readers.

Although saying this I was one of those unfortunate victims that had the end of the story revealed to me before I read the book. However, this did not stop it being a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is clear why it is one of the classics, and why it is being remade with Leonardo DiCaprio, as Hollywood get another chance to make a lot of money out of a great story.

It is sad, as it is a plot that is heavily interlaced with tragedy, but it is this that makes the novel so special to so many.


5 thoughts on “Admire ‘The Great Gatsby’

  1. I re-read the novel a few months ago and was captivated by all of the characters. It was a completely different book for me than when I read it in Jr High School. I am interested to see what DiCaprio brings to the role.

  2. I think it’s the novel’s ambiguity that enables it to remain so popular. Gatsby himself is a mystery within a mystery, and I enjoyed the fact that we get to hear all about him from other people before meeting him.

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