A Busy Mind

The ceiling became

A blank canvas

For your running thoughts

Hours ago.


You are aware

Of your activities,

And your endless checklist

That flows before your open eyes.


But still

Despite your river of thoughts


And flooding your mind,

The loudest one still stands alone:

Why can you not have your sleep?


Your mind regresses as it always does

With this luminous question,

One that is never solves

As the answer lies in darkness.

Darkness and dreams alone.


5 thoughts on “A Busy Mind

  1. If I did not take a benzo (klonpin) , I do think I could ever shut my mind off. I take klonopin because of a Neuro problem, but it does relax me. I get up before 6 AM for NO reason.

    I often think that silence in itself is deafening

  2. You’ve captured the painfulness of insomnia so well I just have to comment. I never take the gentle drifting off to sleep for granted after having suffered insomnia a few times…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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