Our voices come together to meet each other’s ears,

This is the culmination of our evolution

Society, biology and technology have

All arrived in the same place:

So we can talk.

The dinner table

– it was time to talk –

to explain.

We have emotions

And somehow we know what they mean.


They are ineffable shapes within us

With no meaning other than something chemical.

And yet, they mean something concrete.

Happiness, sadness, tears and laughter

All mean nothing

Unless you put them in context.

If I am laughing

Am I psychotic, or am I ecstatic?

But this is why we are here

Just us two.

Sitting round this circular table with two

Empty seats.

As we both have emotions,

And we both communicate.

“I am going to ask you questions.”

These are words to both of us,

It is not long before neither of us understand what I am saying

But only what I mean.

We have known each other for twenty one years,

And yet it is only know that we can ever understand.

My words fight your very soul

Your heart

Just as they help you to see.

But they are doing the same for me.

As I put shapeless form of thought

To words, and to your eyes

We can start to see.

I could shout at you

Or scream.

But what could that do but blunt your ear drums

And my voice.

No piercing insight into

Giving ourselves an understanding.

We do not need to patronise ourselves

By pretending volume has effect.


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