I Am So Selfish

The soft elegance of a single curve

Culminates in your tender neck and jawline.


Your skin is as soft as it appears,

Beautiful and toned,

And completely irresistible.


If there was ever a curl of your lips,

And there often is,

Then I dissolve in my very essence,

And my world falls at your knees.


How can I look at your sleek collarbones

And not feel wonder,

Arm-in-arm with pride

As I realise this is somehow my reality,

No one else’s.


I must be so selfish.


For I get to hear, feel, smell, touch and love



I can merely think of you

And suddenly there is nothing

But you,

And my heart.


How can I be so lucky as to be the single human being who gets to hear you troubles?

To placate you when you’re upset,

And for you to be able to soothe me

When I’m there too.


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