American Psycho



5/5 This is a novel with controvery at the centre of it. Yes, it is incredibly bloody, graphic and heartless, but that does not mean you should squeamishly put it to one side. While reading this I had to pause with one hand to my mouth as unspeakable acts were spoken of in depth.

American Psycho is difficult to get through, I’m not going to pretend that I laughed through it but now that I’ve got through the other side I am glad that I saw it through. Once you see past the mindless brands and understand that the novel is a satire (Ellis’ aims were to expose this way of life not to say look how disturbed I am), you can admire the novel for its irony. The film is well known for its business card example and there are more ready to surprise you throughout the text.

I gave this novel a 5/5 as it really makes you think, criticise and question how different we are from the protagonist. No, I am not a mass murderer nor do I fantasise about it, but it did make me question the images that we conform to in everyday lives, as well as our obsession with expensive brands.

If you are going to embark on this literary journey however, I do recommend that you view it from a distance, this is such great fiction as it is fiction. We are meant to be alienated from the characters. 



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