Your charm

You lie somewhere between my head and my heart
And somehow encompass both in the most holistic way.

Your excitement and your charm
Is every beat of life within me,
As you stand at the beginning and end
Of every syllable I utter.

You are at the forefront of my mind’s eye and I cannot possibly
Not know how truly lucky I am.



It is easy when you look at me to see a busy man
But the truth lies in between the constant flow
Of a non-stop calendar.
As a man distracted does not feel the pitfalls over which he stumbles.
As it is you who helps me find my feet
And let the circulation flow again
I can breathe and sigh and love
As we match each other’s steps
In the soft white sands of time.

You make me the man I am

I am not half the man
I am
Without you by my side.

Every moment’s echo is thrice-trebled
With the resounding knowledge
That when we bask in the warmth
Of each other’s loving presence
Every single passing second
Is a second shared
And a second cherished.

It has been a while since my aching heart
Has held your head in my hands;
Stroked your hair
And felt the gaze of your almond eyes,
But it is tonight we reunite
And I become Thrice-trebled the man I am right now once more.

I Am So Selfish

The soft elegance of a single curve

Culminates in your tender neck and jawline.


Your skin is as soft as it appears,

Beautiful and toned,

And completely irresistible.


If there was ever a curl of your lips,

And there often is,

Then I dissolve in my very essence,

And my world falls at your knees.


How can I look at your sleek collarbones

And not feel wonder,

Arm-in-arm with pride

As I realise this is somehow my reality,

No one else’s.


I must be so selfish.


For I get to hear, feel, smell, touch and love



I can merely think of you

And suddenly there is nothing

But you,

And my heart.


How can I be so lucky as to be the single human being who gets to hear you troubles?

To placate you when you’re upset,

And for you to be able to soothe me

When I’m there too.


A dingy boat in a wild sea,

How am I to sail this boat in such a storm?

There are no passengers to save,

But me.

The storm clouds briefly light the way

But it is not a sight I wish to see

Grey-green ocean meeting diseased clouds,

Ready to drown me in its briny depths.

All I have is my oar;

A little paddle.

My raincoat is of no use now,

How can it be when waves as tall as the world crash down

Upon my very being.

But all hope is not lost,

– it never could be –

As your light shows the way.

The waves subside,

But not completely

It is my mind that holds the truth,

I am rowing to you my love,

Just as you call and come to me.

Blistered hands would not be enough to stop these arms,

For I know

You would be the one

To treat

And wrap my worn-down palms,

When we come together.

The shore is in sight, as it always has been,

No waves distract me now

I am coming my love,

The land is where you are,

And this is where we’ll be.

For You


I want you to seek this poem

When your spirits are low,

When you can’t find me to kiss or hold or pamper.

Allow your mind to bring me to you.


My cheek as I rest it

Against yours,

You can hear me breathe as my nose

Brushes your ear.


The faint smell of my scent,

My sweat,

My soft brown hair.

Let your mind bring me to you.


My mouth as my last cupcake

Pleasures your tongue just as it did mine,

Savour my lips as we hold them together.


My eyes and my look.

For this,

Close your eyes Ana, I will be there holding your gaze.


To the soft murmurs of my voice.

I love you Ana and always will.


I am there.

My fingers are running across your scalp

And my lips are pressing on your cheek.

My Collarbone


We sit here,

As your head rests on my collarbone.

Not living in a world with wars and pain,

No, not us.

We live where we are,

In peace

With you resting on my collarbone.

We are on our own plane,

Seeing each other

Not escaping this world outside

It is just where we happen to be.

By the fireside,

That is where we are

With the way I look at you from

My still wrinkled eyes.

With you, mi amor, still looking

As young as the day I first saw you in Eddington tower.

You may have grey hairs to match mine,

You may have wrinkled lids as I do,

But no matter of age or time could change

Just how beautiful,

Or wonderful

You truly are my love.

Just as your hand fits in mine now,

It will remain a perfect fit.

A ring on your tender finger still as shiny as the day I gave it to you.

In the same way in which we have our lives


We will be looking back upon those that are yet to come,

Yet to make us smile!

We could be waiting for our children’s children

To walk round the corner,

(What handsome children they will be)

No longer will we be the generation to save the world

As we are there to live in it.

As long as I have your hand in mine,

And mine in yours

Then we are as young as we are now.


I feel it burn

Deep inside.

My love,

My passion,

For you.

It is when we are so far away that it melts me,

As I yearn for your longing touch.

I miss your smile, your eyes

Your kiss

Your love.

It is when we are re-united that I know that any wait is worth it –

I would wait forever

To meet your arms again,

To hold you close once more.

When we are together

I can feel again,

Your eyes are a browner brown,

And your smile even warmer.

And when I leave your side,

As tomorrow’s forecast holds

I know that I will crumble, but knowing

I will return to you, who makes me truly happy.

I will be with you soon.

And when we are together

We will look behind

And smile.

For our yearning

Is so small when stood next to our happiness.