My Philosophy

As there are so many writers and style just on the blogosphere, I thought I would share a little back ground to my style and what is important to me when writing poetry:

  1. Write with instinct – I recently asked a friend of mine how he writes, and whether he sticks to a structure. He replied that when he puts pen to paper he has no idea what he is doing. It’s not about rhyme schemes or sticking to the way other people write, it is about how you write and your instinct that should take over. Apparently Picasso had no idea what he was doing, all he had was an idea of what he wanted to do and he did it, and look how far he got!
  2. Express yourselfΒ and believe in what you’re sayingΒ – Our language is one of the many ways that we show emotion: our anxieties, insecurities, anger, passion and love can all be shown if we truly mean it. Of course we can write about anything, but it is when we believe it, and feel the words that they mean something to us and those around us.
  3. Save everything you do – even if you believe your work is rubbish leave it there, you can come back to it. You never really know if it’s good or not as you are biased towards your own work. You might still like the topic and have forgotten it, or be able to forge some masterpiece from the foundations of the words and the tone.
  4. Self-belief – who are you writing this for? It may be going out on the internet or for others to read, but it is your voice and if you are truly expressing yourself then it does not matter who listens. You will have said your peace.

I hope this is insightful/helpful, feel free to comment if you have any questions or your approach differs!


22 thoughts on “My Philosophy

  1. Awesome bud and all are so very true. However sometimes as a writer, we are passionate, so very passionate. That sometimes number 3 escapes us. Passion can be a fiery demon.

  2. I enjoyed the bit about Self-belief! Sometimes when somebody or several people put a stopper on your test tube while something is bubbling, you stay in there for a while until the potion is so potent and intoxicating that the stopper starts disintigrating over time and out comes the chemistry despite efforts to stop it. That’s how I look at it anyways.

  3. Good thoughts! So many writers – and camp followers – tell us we must have structure and form and all sorts of other contrivances but I agree with your sentiment that the words should, ideally, just flow. If they aren’t good enough by the time you have finished, well, they just weren’t good enough, Start another! And any man who utilises Magritte is surely destined to be a Great Renaissance Man!

  4. You inspire me. We seem to know what needs to be done, and we set about doing it. We have this ‘growing’ need. I’m amazed but open-minded at some of the things that sprout from my pen. I feel gifted, and armed.

  5. I agree with your philosophy. You’ve got to be real. I write to please ME. Most of the time what I think is a good piece does not receive favorable feedback~ as long as I like it; that’s really all that matters. There is absolutely no accounting for taste. The pieces I poured my heart and soul are usually totally overlooked. I have to write for me. I believe that when I write something,, I need to be please myself.

  6. I liked this post because I am of the non educated kind.

    Having someone put you in a rigid structure to write seems so wrong to me. Being cast aside as I don’t fit the mold or education realm of others just seems pointless.Just because someone hasn’t taken classes or learned the basics in a subject doesn’t make them less. They still have abilities if they so choose to tap into them.

    It is nice when we can just express ourselves and not be deemed wrong for doing it in the artistic style we so choose.
    Why cant I just express what I am thinking or feeling through words in my own individual style?

    I think your post is freeing for those who may have a complex.

    • Thank you, I feel flattered! I’m glad to help anyone out!

      So many poetic circles and literary circles are so exclusive, I’m glad blogs are around to give people a space to write, I know it’s helped me understand that. I think it’s a part of the reason why self-publication has been on the rise, as people have realised that it is not the right of businessmen and women to tell us we’re not good enough.

      You’re doing a great job, thanks for visiting!

  7. I would be lost if I didn’t write. Not everything I write is good- but it’s honest/ It reflects my thought process at the time. I have a speech impediment. My writing is my “voice”.

    I have respect for anyone who is willing to write and post. And I agree- you do not have to be educated to write. I started writing when I was 8 years old. I wish I had kept everything.

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