Your charm

You lie somewhere between my head and my heart
And somehow encompass both in the most holistic way.

Your excitement and your charm
Is every beat of life within me,
As you stand at the beginning and end
Of every syllable I utter.

You are at the forefront of my mind’s eye and I cannot possibly
Not know how truly lucky I am.


You make me the man I am

I am not half the man
I am
Without you by my side.

Every moment’s echo is thrice-trebled
With the resounding knowledge
That when we bask in the warmth
Of each other’s loving presence
Every single passing second
Is a second shared
And a second cherished.

It has been a while since my aching heart
Has held your head in my hands;
Stroked your hair
And felt the gaze of your almond eyes,
But it is tonight we reunite
And I become Thrice-trebled the man I am right now once more.


A tone of voice

And a few thorned words

That I barely meant,

Is enough

For me to feel my self-inflicted whip.


What a fool I can be

When I suddenly forget everything I’ve learned,

Everything I know,

Simply for a tone of voice.


It is not me and it never was,

You are what I care about

So why would I let the enemy of spite

Conquer me for even a moment.


The only lingering lesson

That holds me

As I realise my voice

Is shock and guilt,

And a promise never to do the same.