You make me the man I am

I am not half the man
I am
Without you by my side.

Every moment’s echo is thrice-trebled
With the resounding knowledge
That when we bask in the warmth
Of each other’s loving presence
Every single passing second
Is a second shared
And a second cherished.

It has been a while since my aching heart
Has held your head in my hands;
Stroked your hair
And felt the gaze of your almond eyes,
But it is tonight we reunite
And I become Thrice-trebled the man I am right now once more.


A tone of voice

And a few thorned words

That I barely meant,

Is enough

For me to feel my self-inflicted whip.


What a fool I can be

When I suddenly forget everything I’ve learned,

Everything I know,

Simply for a tone of voice.


It is not me and it never was,

You are what I care about

So why would I let the enemy of spite

Conquer me for even a moment.


The only lingering lesson

That holds me

As I realise my voice

Is shock and guilt,

And a promise never to do the same.