A place to call our own

It has been a year since we set foot
In our humble abode
And we were brave enough to call a place
Our own.

And it is our place
For us to know and love.
Our first apartment
To revisit on some future date
When my wrinkles have
Been set, and moulded.

We’ve done our chores
And made our bed,
Watched countless episodes
And always come back to a loving home.

Yes, the shower goes cold after several minutes
And the washing machine door sometimes doesn’t open,
But not a day goes by when
I am not grateful to our younger selves
For finding a place
To call our own.


I am at the Bottleneck

I am at the bottleneck of life,

My body and self

Soon to explode into the open

Without direction

Or even destination.


For now, I am pressed against

The clouded glass

as my breath condenses

Before my very eyes.


The fresh air that I see above me

Consoles me

But scares me just the same,

Even if I do survive

What means will I have

To carry on,

Except for being naked

And lost.