It is easy when you look at me to see a busy man
But the truth lies in between the constant flow
Of a non-stop calendar.
As a man distracted does not feel the pitfalls over which he stumbles.
As it is you who helps me find my feet
And let the circulation flow again
I can breathe and sigh and love
As we match each other’s steps
In the soft white sands of time.


A place to call our own

It has been a year since we set foot
In our humble abode
And we were brave enough to call a place
Our own.

And it is our place
For us to know and love.
Our first apartment
To revisit on some future date
When my wrinkles have
Been set, and moulded.

We’ve done our chores
And made our bed,
Watched countless episodes
And always come back to a loving home.

Yes, the shower goes cold after several minutes
And the washing machine door sometimes doesn’t open,
But not a day goes by when
I am not grateful to our younger selves
For finding a place
To call our own.


I used to play

To joke

To smile at jokes that someone once made.

I had a dry sense of humour

And I had many friends in the people I met in my day-to-day.


But once my cap and gown were safely packed away

And the next step in life was heading my way

I soon had to face the harsh light of reality

As wages had to be earned,

Egos had to be tolerated

And agendas – both known and unknown –

Pushed me through the plasticine mould that it saw fit for me.


And while I worked away, thinking

With only my aspirations, goals and dreams in minds

My voice was shrinking

My chest was tightening

And time was running out.


But my goal was there

And I knew what I had to do,

Or so I thought

As the days grew longer

And I grew ever critical of the smallest mistake

That no one would notice but me

And maybe my boss.


But my goal was still there, though ever smaller and dragging me on,

As I travelled upstream, seeking that final respite.


I was called into the board room shortly after 12.

I could see the sincerity in their faces,

I was just finishing a project.


As surreal as it was, I just remember exhaling.

I was free to explore at last.

My work, my life I could have it all back

No more toxic environment and endless tasks.


I could breathe. And most importantly, with my head held high.


I was made redundant at the beginning of March and have since worked hard to regain everything that gave colour to my life. I am now fully employed again, in an environment that I can live in. I have my weekends back, I am learning so many new skills and have learnt so many life lessons. This empty time on my blog has been the most important of my life and I hope to rekindle my passion for my writing and my connection with the blogosphere.
Happy Writing!

Radio News

As Sense: A collection of short stories has been out for 24 days now, I have some very exciting news. I had a radio interview (recorded on Thursday) and it has now aired. For the next seven days only the link can be listened to here:


(You’ll have to skip to 50 mins approx.)

If you are interested in the collection it can be found and purchased here. I’d love to hear what you think!

The Book – Out Now!


sense cover jpeg

This collection of short stories varies from issues of the present day, to problematic views of fantastic and tragic futures. The further the reader progresses into the novel, the settings become more futuristic, as the stories are ordered in a hypothetical timeline. Bodybuilding, social media, the media and the justice system are just a few of the concepts that come in to play in these short and fascinating pieces of fiction. Click here to visit the page.

Exclusively on Kindle

Time to Publish

sense cover jpeg

Fantastic news, although I have been incredibly quiet, it has been with good reason. Within the next ten days I will be putting the final touches to a fabulous short story collection. All the news and updates will be published on this appropriately linked blog above.

The book will be called Sense, and touches on what it is to be human and to live in the technologically advancing society that we do. The blog’s homepage shows off a  pre-released cover, with the University of Essex’s branding who are endorsing the collection.



The high lights that drive past

With shallow fame,

As the high rollers

And stretch limousines

Light your fading smile.


It’s been a while since you first stepped

In front of the cameras

In front of the lights,

Now you find the carpet

Is not quite as red

And the flashes

Are too bright for anyone’s eyes.


When the thread is pulled

To dissemble

What you thought was reality


when you find your trophy

Isn’t gold,

As glitter coats your hands.


Hiding behind a velvet skinned disguise

A mole mines,

Beneath your hopes and dreams.


He burrows,

Softly, with large pink hands

And no eyes to see

The damage he has done.

Your insecurities have no choice but to crumble,

And leave your psyche wriggling.


He only stops to sniff when he finds your core:

Your rock,

And who you really are.

It is at this point you must use it,

Your weapon,

You must rise, strongly.

Your rock,

Your core

Has the power to banish this doubt

This depression

And it must, it will.


The doubt has no chance but to scurry away.

It will come back, but only as a weaker being

Whereas you’ll be twice as strong.

Get inspired with ‘The Power of One’


4/5  This book is a true coming of age story in South Africa. Whilst boxing has a strong presence in the novel (as the child ont he front suggests) it si only a sub-story. Prison life, racism and self-belief are all key factors that makes this book so great. I guess I can really relate to this story as the book covers a boy from a young age up until he left school, and as I am now at university you can see the similarities (although my time at school wasn’t any where near as bad!)

I haven’t seen the movie, but as with most film adaptations I’ve been told the book is much better. Definitely one to make your own mind up on though!