It is strange
How with so few
Different variations,
The whole Earth
Can shift around
And face you from
Yet one more direction.

As, when the sun is on your skin
You remember the cold as only thought
As if it had never really happened in any reality
But your own.

I have taken the same walk
– Step for step –
Three months apart,
And the only similarity was me.
And even I was only just.

It is a journey we are on; these lives of ours,
Each step along the paved and wild ways
Are more than enough proof
For any man, woman
Or child (who is older than their years).


Radio News

As Sense: A collection of short stories has been out for 24 days now, I have some very exciting news. I had a radio interview (recorded on Thursday) and it has now aired. For the next seven days only the link can be listened to here:

(You’ll have to skip to 50 mins approx.)

If you are interested in the collection it can be found and purchased here. I’d love to hear what you think!

The Book – Out Now!


sense cover jpeg

This collection of short stories varies from issues of the present day, to problematic views of fantastic and tragic futures. The further the reader progresses into the novel, the settings become more futuristic, as the stories are ordered in a hypothetical timeline. Bodybuilding, social media, the media and the justice system are just a few of the concepts that come in to play in these short and fascinating pieces of fiction. Click here to visit the page.

Exclusively on Kindle

My Last Poem

What is the last poem that I’ll ever write?

Will it be at the hands

Of disinterest,

Or at the hands

Of death?


What will the subject be?



Or both intwined?


If I were to become

Famous and lost in pages,

A hundred years down the line

Only for young academics to

Rekindle my lack of rhyme scheme

Would this be the last poem

– the last thought of mine –

To have resurrected life?


How often we hear

The extent of our lives that we spend

Unconscious, and asleep.

We do nothing in this time

But let our minds go.

We can try and fight our falling lids

But it is a battle we cannot win.

Even when our lives become

So busy,

And we just need more time;

Our lids still fall

As we cannot even function if we do not


How ironic it is

That we must spend a third of our time asleep

To spend any of our time at all.

Revisiting Past horrors with ‘The Naked and The Dead’



4/5 This photo gives you an idea of the weight of Norman Mailer’s novel. If you have a couple of weeks of rainy days then it might be worth sitting inside and picking this up! Essentially it is 700 pages of character profiles, and the immoralities involved in WWII, based on Mailer’s own experiences in the Philippines.

If you had to relate it to another piece of work i would say it is a more serious version of Catch-22, showing the inescapability of War and the institutions within it.