Time is at Every Turn

It was when I bought a clock

That I kept hearing it tick.

Even when it broke

– by my hand –

Its sound was always

One step ahead of my heartbeat.


Even burying it outside

And playing the loudest music

Never stopped the seasons

Or the rain.


Everywhere I looked

The second hand

Met my every move.


The Wonders of Roald Dahl




I am a big Roald Dahl fan, he definitely made my childhood a lot more entertaining. His stories always have some dark punchline to keep you interested in the next one. While they are written for children, I feel that I couldn’t have truly grasped the dark humour at a young age. He has a very smooth style and a great clarity of expression when he gets at the flaws of the human condition.

This is a collection of short stories for everyone over the age of ten, and one that I feel is a valuable part of literature’s history and culture. It is a definite classic, and one I wholly recommend as a part of everyone’s education.

The Animal Inside

Man is an animal

In a social suit.

His white toothed smile

Cloaks the creature beneath.


We were once monkeys

And primitive men,

And now we stand as a constant battleground

Falling somewhere between

Constantly pulled towards one

And the other

Leaving us stranded

In between.


If we try for our virtue we still bear our teeth,

And if we try for our blood thirst

Then we have our conscience.

Pushed and pulled,

We are neither.



Is it a ‘Brave New World’?


3/5 Very similar to Orwell’s style in being a prophetic view of the future. It is about an imagined world if we were to be determined by our animal desires addressing the flaws of ideology. The premise is that each and every child of the society is through IVF and conditioned to be a part of each social group.

As a philosophical novel this is great, Huxley paints a wonderfully doomed picture of mankind, as everyone has to conform. It is about the free minds in a fixed society, and does make you question your own surroundings.

Huxley however, is obviously a philosopher, and his writing can tend to be a little shallow. The most important thing about his style is that it does serve his purpose and explain his point, retaining the book’s meaning and prowess. A good book if you fancy a good ponder and a discussion afterwards, but not really for a bit of light entertainment.

A great way to laugh with “50 Sheds of Grey”

2509201212095950 sheds of grey

4/5  This mark is mainly for originality, a fantastic way to jump on the back of the 50 shades wagon. This book is currently rumoured to actually be outselling the novel it is parodying. It is short and full of one liners, and a great last minute present, I was laughing out loud from the first innuendo and I’m sure you will be too!

The Naked Man

Look at the naked man,

How he scoffs at the mirror

As though it is a portrait

Of another.


Look at his warts and moles

And broken teeth,

But how he holds his head up high.


Each time he stumbles

On a step,

He holds himself highly,

As if it were some great achievement.

But each deluded face he pulls

Is a sign he has fallen more.

Substance of Man

What is man’s substance, you say?

Well he’s made of clay,

And bone,

And flesh.



Flesh, what is this meat

That holds only blood

And no soul?


If it is just sinew,

Then where do tears come from?

What place does emotion take?


What place does thought have in an

Emotional machine?

What cruel humour

Nature has in giving man an ego.


But nature has no laughter,

That is only for Man,

And it is his burden

Just as it is his gift.



Our Great Pasts

We suffer our great pasts,

Each time we stumble and fall

It is branded through our wrinkles

In our eyes,

Across our foreheads.


But it is in between our temples,

Our soft membranes

Make sure we repeatedly burn.


How many times must we suffer

The same tragedies

Relive the same faults and mistakes.


But we must trip no more:

As is the past not made up

Of tiny instances of the now,

Of the present moment?


We may still wish for time travel,

To go back,

But what better way to change what we have done

By doing it now?

As what do we have

If it is not the present moment?

Get inspired with ‘The Power of One’


4/5  This book is a true coming of age story in South Africa. Whilst boxing has a strong presence in the novel (as the child ont he front suggests) it si only a sub-story. Prison life, racism and self-belief are all key factors that makes this book so great. I guess I can really relate to this story as the book covers a boy from a young age up until he left school, and as I am now at university you can see the similarities (although my time at school wasn’t any where near as bad!)

I haven’t seen the movie, but as with most film adaptations I’ve been told the book is much better. Definitely one to make your own mind up on though!


A dingy boat in a wild sea,

How am I to sail this boat in such a storm?

There are no passengers to save,

But me.

The storm clouds briefly light the way

But it is not a sight I wish to see

Grey-green ocean meeting diseased clouds,

Ready to drown me in its briny depths.

All I have is my oar;

A little paddle.

My raincoat is of no use now,

How can it be when waves as tall as the world crash down

Upon my very being.

But all hope is not lost,

– it never could be –

As your light shows the way.

The waves subside,

But not completely

It is my mind that holds the truth,

I am rowing to you my love,

Just as you call and come to me.

Blistered hands would not be enough to stop these arms,

For I know

You would be the one

To treat

And wrap my worn-down palms,

When we come together.

The shore is in sight, as it always has been,

No waves distract me now

I am coming my love,

The land is where you are,

And this is where we’ll be.